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Friday, June 14, 2013

Le Modiste: Pet en l'air

The Pet en l'air that I started way back in January is done. And it has been worn to two separate events since then.  The gown was made without any machine stitching.  All hand-done.  I realize I need to change my 'Statement of Purpose' on my blog home page, since it states my desire to make a hand-made gown in the future and that has happened!  :)  Without further ado, below are some of the process pictures and the final gown being worn to an 18th century Russian dinner in February.

The main pieces are put together and ready for binding at the neck.

The back pleats are sewn down through all layers.  I do have a lining that laces up the back underneath to fit the gown body to my corset.

The robings are added and the stomacher started.

Close-up of the trimmings using the fashion fabric.

I pleated the robings.

Back view of the decorated bodice.

 I do have enough of the blue silk to make a  ?.  I have never really wanted to wear the earlier look with the français or Watteau back or even the paniers.  However, this ensemble turned out really nice and the paniers or false pocket hips I got with a little altering (they were long on me) from Smiling Fox Forge, ( ) worked out great.  Although the Pet en l'air was totally 'vegan' the undergarments were not.  Se la vie!

Stay tuned for more reviews of what I have been up to!

Regency Corset
1880's summer bustle gown for a picnic


Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work, I love watching your blog.

I'm posting 'anon' because sometimes my comments don't go through the Id things.


Kleidung um 1800 said...

Dear Angela,

so glad to see you back on the blogsphere, especially with such a fine hand sewn dress! Bravo!
I'm looking forward very much to seeing more about your other new garments.
And isn't hand sewing kind of addictive, once you give it a chance?


Isis said...

It's gorgeous!

Angela said...

Thank you so much fo checking in. Sabine, yes, hand sewing is totally addicting. Somehow I find making 18th century and Regency clothing by machine weird now. But I have to admit the new 18th century corset I made is not by hand, except the leather binding which I really hated doing. Will go into that on my next posts. Thanks again y'all for coming over to check me out. I am glad to be back online. Cheers.

Angela said...

Angela, this is so beautiful, so well done! The fabric is delicious!