Musings of a Lady

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Le Modiste: 18th Century Pocket

One of these days I will be able to afford the bone thread carriers. :)
I have been working on an 18th century pocket for about a year.  I am nearly done with the embroidery and will then construct the pocket for use.  I love embroidery since it is so portable and can go anywhere.  For example:  I took it to a marathon I participated in last spring up north in California.  I was one of several adults with our high school girls running club.  One of my students asked,  'What is that going to be?'  A pocket.  A very quizzical brow furrowed.  "Uh?"  I explained what a pocket was and how ladies used them to carry their belongings under their skirts.  "Why, would you spend all that time embroidering that and no one will see it?"  she exclaimed!  I said, "Good point but I know its there and after all its a personal item and a woman would want to practice her skills."  I don't think I convinced her but she sat with me and watched me do it while we talked about other things.  Anyway, here is the results so far:

I used an oatmeal colored linen and backed it with a muslin to give it some weight.  I did set up a duplicate to have a pair but I think I want to do something different for the next one which is to do one that is more early 19th century and make using patch work cottons.

Please note that this is one of the UFO's I have on my list to get done that is not a 'garment'. I am giving myself the deadline of early February, so I should have the finished deal by then!  Cheers.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The Wednesday after Christmas I went for a walk with a good friend and her 2 month old daughter.  We often walk together to get exercise and keep up with each other in many ways.  As we walked we encounter two very uplifting things.  One a family had set up on a deciduous tree a small plastic bucket with mail tags and permanent markers.  The sign asked:  What are you thankful for?  Both my friend looked at all the fluttering  tags with expressions of thankfulness.  We added ours.  What a wonderful way to celebrate our lives and share our joy of life no matter what is going on in our lives.  This simple mode of expression was a beautiful gift that this family could share with their neighbors.

We advanced to an eatery and had a nosh.  While we sat in the sun - yes we were wrapped up against the chill but the sun warmed us - a monarch landed in the bush next to us.  He/she wondered below the canopy of the leaves and the then boldly emerged to stand for its photo op.  What a beautiful reminder of how precious life is and how strong even a simple creature like this butterfly is.  This butterfly is probably one of the early arrivals of flocks of migrating Monarchs braving through ancestoral memory the migration from southern climates to come north and start life again.  Many do not make it but those that do remind us how strong we can be in life's journey to survive and thrive.

Best wishes in 2012 to you all.  May your days be filled with creativity, love, hope and joy.  No matter what the world (media, politicians and other unhappy souls) say or do, don't let anyone steal your joy and share it that joy.  Happy New Year!