Musings of a Lady

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hat success

The gaulle I had plan to make didn't happen.  Sigh.  However, I pulled out a chemise dress, ironed and starched it and accessorized it with black.  A friend of mine figured out how to use a crownless straw hat to make a Lunardi hat.  So, I made one and trimmed it in black and white.  Here it is:

The pouf keeps ballooning...not sure that is a good thing as I look like an air balloon!  :)  Seems a little big on me but I guess that is period, right? 

Also the wig turned out great for me.  It was lightweight and easy to wear and blend with my hair - (see previous blog post).  Uh, yes those are headstones behind me.  We have a lovely cemetry that makes a perfect - unpublic - picnic site for our group.  California doesn't really have 18th century sites to 'play' in but we try to find places that give us a nice back drop to enjoy ourselves. 

And one more of me...

It was a lovely day.  Our weather has been wet and cold but this weekend we had fabulously warm weather with a mild breeze that kept us cool along with the champagne!

We also made an effort to have period food.  We had a chicken galantine, fruit, pickled carrots and green beans and I made a peach pudding from Mrs. Randolph's cook book from 18th century Williamsburg, Virginia. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fabric samples

Here are the samples.  Top picture is the sheer self-striped fabric that will go over the aqua.  It is really thin.  I pre-washed it and lost a bit of the crispness.  Not sure how to get that back - any suggestions?  The aqua fabric is just a plain top-weight or blouse weight cotton.  The middle picture is the ivory over the aqua - sweet, eh?  The last picture includes my boy who had to put in his paw-sense.  The yellow is a sample color for the sashing.  What do you all think?

Hair - The wig I have on in the last post I put together at Costume College 2009 through a workshop.  I like it but it is very formal.  So, I have been on the look-out for a wig that has more of the look Ms. Knightley had in The Duchess:
So, I found a wig that with a little brushing and blending my own hair it works.  Missing are the sausage curls.
This is the wig I purchased and below is what it looks like on me.  I bought human-hair to make the sausage curls which I think I will sew into the edge of the lower hairline in that back of the wig.

Oops cut off the top of my head, sorry, let's try again...
Okay, that is better.  So, I just slapped it on without much styling but I think it will work.  The wig itself wasn't too expensive - synthetic - $24.00.  The human-hair bits cost about $19.99 - 12" long hair attached to narrow seam binding.  So, I will curl a length of it and as I said try to attach it to the inside of the wig towards the lower hair line.  Any suggestions on how to do this is welcome.  Cheers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Projects

Phew!  The school year ended and although I am still working the schedule is not so hectic.  So, I have turned my eye onto several projects.  One is a summer weight Gaul for an 18th century Picnic (in two weeks - Yikes!) and then preparing for an Art Deco event on the Queen Mary - a full weekend of dressing deco!

So, let's begin with the 18th century gaul or chemise style gown.  I made one in a royal blue and gold-bronze striped fabric for Costume College last year.  What I want to do is use an ivory batiste that has a self stripe over a aqua lining - so hopefully the minty color will be cool and nice.  Do I like stripes?  I guess I do as I have other fabrics in my stash for 18th century that have stripes.  Mmmmm, what does that say about me?  Anyway, I am thinking about sashing it with a pretty yellow for a spring-summer effect.  I am also planning on making a Lunardi hat to go with it.

I have my work cut out for me since I need this dress in 2 weeks.  Well, need is relative I guess.  Luckily I am using the same pattern and procedure so it shouldn't be too difficult to get it done.  Ha, ha, ha, LOL!  We shall see.  Next post - fabric samples and what gets done!