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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hat success

The gaulle I had plan to make didn't happen.  Sigh.  However, I pulled out a chemise dress, ironed and starched it and accessorized it with black.  A friend of mine figured out how to use a crownless straw hat to make a Lunardi hat.  So, I made one and trimmed it in black and white.  Here it is:

The pouf keeps ballooning...not sure that is a good thing as I look like an air balloon!  :)  Seems a little big on me but I guess that is period, right? 

Also the wig turned out great for me.  It was lightweight and easy to wear and blend with my hair - (see previous blog post).  Uh, yes those are headstones behind me.  We have a lovely cemetry that makes a perfect - unpublic - picnic site for our group.  California doesn't really have 18th century sites to 'play' in but we try to find places that give us a nice back drop to enjoy ourselves. 

And one more of me...

It was a lovely day.  Our weather has been wet and cold but this weekend we had fabulously warm weather with a mild breeze that kept us cool along with the champagne!

We also made an effort to have period food.  We had a chicken galantine, fruit, pickled carrots and green beans and I made a peach pudding from Mrs. Randolph's cook book from 18th century Williamsburg, Virginia. 


Rowenna said...

Looks like a lovely day! I like the hat--just over-the-top enough for eighteenth-century fashion, but not too crazy! The peach pudding looks divine...

Angela said...

Thanks! It was really a lovely day. The last picnic we had there a year ago it was freezing! Anyway, lovely California weather is predictably unpredictable. Cheers.