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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Le Modiste: Corsets, Corsets! Part 1

The one beautiful thing I like about our community is the inspiration we get from each other.  Sabine at inspired me to make a similar corset to the one she posted about on: February 15th 2013,  These half stays intrigued me and I wanted a pair as later on this year I will be attending Regency boating event in October.   Also, necessity continued to rule the day!  Two current events (June 3rd and June 23rd) prompted the need for a new18th century corset and a 19th century corset.  I have an 18th century corset but though it works, the fit is not good.  It ended up too long wasted and I lost some weight so it just didn't lace up well.  The Victorian was to replace the pretty little one that I was so proud of but made the HUGE mistake of not interlining it and after two wearings the bones came jabbing through the silk.  Booooooo  :(

I am not the best corset maker on the planet but I always give it a good try.  So, let's start with the Regency one as that is the one I made and finished first.

Following - visually - what Sabine had laid out and researched, I draped a pattern and fiddled with it till I had something similar to what she devised and would fit me.

Pinned for a fitting.

During construction - a detail of cording and bust gussets.

Okay, I am not wearing a period chemise - sorry folks, but this is it done and on!

These half stays are perfect for me.  They hold up and support comfortably!

The Regency outfit I have in mind is the Kyoto Redingote in red wool.  Do you know the one? 
Yes, this one!  I have absolutely adored this Redingote for many years.  Boating on our Bay is very chilly and windy so I hope to find a nice wool for this.  If I can find the red, great.  If not it will probably be dark blue or whatever I can find that will work.  I am worried about the chapeaux for the outing.  We will be on 18th century sailing vessels, on the bay with hopefully a good wind for a good sail but that doesn't bode well for bonnets!  Any suggestions?

Thank you Sabine for your research and inspiration.  You rock!  :)

Stay tuned for Corsets!  Corsets!  Part 2
18th century corset


Quinn said...

Those are exciting plans! I can't wait to see what you construct and the pictures of the boating!!! Your stays look great, too. Half stays are super comfy.


Angela said...

Ooo, your short stays are VERY NICE! They look incredibly comfortable. Can't wait to see your work the planned redingote (the red wool would be striking - I do hope you find it)!

Isis said...

Looks very nice!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Very well done, Angela!
I'm glad they are comfortable to wear. They really do catch the look of the 'half stays', which hints that it's actually a pair of long stays, shortened to give more comfort in wearing (while travelling in a coach or while wearing them on less formal occasions).
Will you add the Paresuesse closure at the back lacing? Was it difficult to adjust the gussets?


Angela said...

Thanks Sabine. I really appreciated your research and advice. The gussets I had to adjust. The first time through they didn't cup my bust very well. A friend looked at it and recommended I increase the size of the gusset on the outer sides of the breast - towards the armscye. I did and it worked. I had to only rip out two gussets rather than 4, Phew! I hate ripping out stitches. Anyway, I had to gather the top edge of the gusset area a bit and then bound the top edge.

The Paresuesse closure I thought about but I just laced it up for the convenience of putting on and making sure that it fit. With that said, I may later convert the ties to the Paresuesse closure. Although the way I have the lacings it works the same way. I don't have someone to help me dress for events, so I have to get myself into my corsets. I have it prelaced and tied off, I have the lacings looped on either side about two eyelets from the bottom, so I use that to pull on to get the corset cinched and then cross pull at the back and wrap forward to tie off. So, it works the same way but not in a period fashion.
Thanks for coming by. I know you are busy. Good luck with your cat's healing. Cheers.