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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fugit Hora!

Dearest readers, once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of posting!  However, I am mortified that my last post was in January!  Thank you Angela Thornhill of The Merry Dress Maker, for checking in with me and making sure I am okay.  That was really appreciated!

Well, life happened.  My job which is teaching high school students is really crazy during the spring semester and now that is done.  Phew!  The lesson learned from this is:  find a balance in my life so the parts of my life, such as blogging don't get put out to pasture too long.  My goal this summer is to build in blogging as a part of the 'daily life' routine so that it doesn't get set aside again.  Keep your fingers crossed or pray to your God(s) or send a vibe out into the creative universe to help me towards my goal.

With all that said, I have not been that idle on the modiste front.  Since January I have made a pet an l'air, a regency corset and a Victorian corset.  I am in the middle of making an 1880's summer ensemble for an up and coming Tissot Picnic.  So, stay tuned dear readers and my wonderful and patient creative community.

Happy summer!  Angela

Hand-painted applique flower and embroidered bee.


Angela said...

Whoohoo, she's back! And, lady you have some serious picture posting to do of all these garments you've made since your last appearance! :)

Angela said...

Yes, I do Angela. I am on it and will be posting ASAP! ag

athene said...

Don't tell me you embroidered that bee...! It's gorgeous! Love you!

Angela said...

Yes, I did Athene - my wonderful sister! Love ya back!