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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage pictures

Many of my favorite bloggers and Facebook friends post vintage pictures of family members.  It is always fun and interesting to see fashions and styles of individuals we know.  Here are some of my family photos from the 20's.  Not all to be sure but the ones that have been scanned and were post-able at this time.  Enjoy!

Maternal Grandmother and my Uncle

Grandmother with two girl friends and my Uncle

Maternal Grandparents and Uncle

Grandmother and Uncle

Paternal Grandfather

Paternal grandfather and friends


Lauren R said...

Beautiful photos! And this may sound weird, but it's really nice to see African American photos from the 20s, too, they're not as common on various website.

Angela said...

Thank you Lauren! I was very fond of my parents and my uncle. My Grandmother was pretty jazzy and she was a professional seamstress - probably where I got my love of fabrics, et al. No it is not weird to comment on the lack of images of people of color in the past. Thanks for looking. Hope all is well with you.

athene said...

Oh, the Duchess! She was sooooo beautiful! Even into her 80s! You come from good genes, my dear!

Maura said...

The clothes are wonderful, but it's the love you see in these photos that really makes them special!

Rowenna said...

Beautiful! Your grandpa looks so dapper--a true gentleman! And your grandma is beautiful--with those eyes she could have been a silent film star :)

Angela said...

Thank you everyone. As my parents and I go through storage we are finding so many wonderful treasures. Will add more as we discover them. Cheers.

Catherine said...

Your paternal grandfather looks just like your dad!