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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer is nearly here?

Dearest readers you have probably been wondering where the heck I have been.  If so, many apologies for being off radar for so long.  I haven't posted since April!  Oh my, oh my!  Its been a rough 2 months.  I wasn't sure if I would have a job in the near future so my focus was getting something set up.  Being in education is pretty volatile at the moment and as a 23 year veteran finding a job as a teacher is difficult.  Budgets can't afford experienced educators.  With that said, I did get hired....PHEW!...and I am very much relieved.  Therefore, with that part of my life settled I can finally return my focus to my passions: art, sewing, crafting and cooking. 

When I have had a chance to free up my 'job' worried brain, I thought about how to organize my posts in the coming months. Someone most graciously awarded me the Most Versitile Blogger award so I want to maintain that honor by posting regular articles around historical cooking, sewing and other domestic arts.  Would that be of interest to any of you? So you may see post headings like:  Le Cuisine or others to give you a clue as to what I am up to at the moment.  I am still thinking it through, but will keep you posted.

Of course I have clothing projects still in the works - remember that corded petticoat?  Or those 18th century stays?  Oh, and how about...well you get the idea...lots of UFO's  (unfinished objects) and yet, new ideas on the drawing board.  Also, I have been trying out period recipes that I want to share as well as try out old-fashion but non-toxic ways of housecleaning.  Okay, I am a little weird that way - I am fascinated how are sisters of our past got through the day without Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.

Again, thank you everyone for your patience.  I will get back in the swing of posting next week.  I have a two week vacation, back to work to finish out my current contract and then a real month off!  Cheers.


Madame Berg said...

Congrats on your job! Looking forward to future posts from you :)

Gentlewomanthief said...

Wow, sounds like you've had a rough time, though I'm really glad things have picked up for you! Congrats on the job - I know how tough it can be in education! Glad to see you back - like your plans for the place :)

Angela said...

Thank you ladies! I have been off for a week and it feels really good to have some time to relax and do things! Cheers.