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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pique-Nique: Bastille Day

A group of friends gathered to commemorate Bastille Day but with the intent of raising a glass of champagne to those departed in the horrifying reign of terror that followed.  Our hopes were to have a beautiful sunny day.  The days before the event were overwhelmingly gloomy and cold, - yes, in July! Yet,  the weather Gods smiled on us and we had a fantastic afternoon of sunshine and warm but not hot temperatures.

We were a small gathering but a good group of like-minded people willing to gather in period fashion with all the trimmings of dining and enjoying each other's company.  Without further ado, here are some highlights from our day.

This wonderful lady has a habadashery shop called:  Renaissance Fabrics.  See link below.

We had a lovely time.  Many of these ladies have created their gowns various lesson learned at Costume College and from the wonderful ladies and gentlemen at Margaret hunter Shop:  Milliners and Mantuamakers in Colonial Williamsburg.  This link is to the CW site explanation of the Milliner site.  On Facebook look up written above.  You will see some of these ladies in the recent posts.

Another Link to share:

Next up:
Mainly hand sewing projects.  I want to finish my Kannik Korner Womans Cap (  that I didn't get done before the party.  I borrowed one of my friends.  I love my friends!  :)  I also plan to play with embroidery and hand sewing techniques for future use.

Dear readers:  I will try to post as often as I can over the next three weeks.  I will be moving over to my parents house in order to help and support my 84 year old Mother who is having her left knee replaced. Therefore it is likely that my postings will dwindle a bit as my focus will be on my mother's recovery and getting ready to return to work - I am a teacher and I need to work on my curriculum for this coming fall.  So, please be patient, check back often and please leave comments!  I love hearing from you all.  Cheers.


Kleidung um 1800 said...

Dear Angela,
thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, you all look amazing!!!
What's more appropriate to fuel the soul with happiness than a lovely event, wonderful clothing, lots of smiles, fine weather and good company!

I'm patiently looking forward to hearing more about your hand sewing projects. And hopefully your mom will have a quick and good recovery from her surgery.

Very best & Happy sewing,

Madame Berg said...

You look great in the photos - all of you! And it realy looks like you had a lovely time!

I hope things go well with your mother and that she gets a speedy recovery.

Angela said...

Thank you ladies! Even as I write and I am figuring out what hand projects I will take to keep me busy and keep me calm during the next two weeks. Thanks for your encouragement and support. I love my world wide community of friends. Cheers.

Rowenna said...

Lovely pics! I particularly love the saucy one of you with the champagne saucer. Looks like a really nice gathering of friends :)

Best of luck with assisting your mom, and all best to her for a speedy recovery! Hand projects sound like the perfect way to span the time and keep the calm going :)

Angela said...

Thank you Rowenna!

Dani C said...

The photos are so lovely -- everyone looks natural and properly at ease in their finery. Hope your mom is doing well post-surgery. People need a lot of attention during convalescence, and we don't always recognize that nowadays. Hand sewing is a great plan, easily set aside and picked up again.

Marion Brégier said...

You all look amazing, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures ! I'll be keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.

Angela said...

Thanks again, Ladies. You are an amazing support at all levels. Mom is improving in leaps and bounds! Cheers.

Theodosia de Valois said...

Vive La France! It is truly delightful to know kindred spirits also celebrate/commemorate this event. I very much enjoyed your post, as I have held a similar event in years past.
Mme Theo.