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Monday, July 9, 2012

Le Modiste: Infant's chemise

I do not have children of my own but one of my best girl friends has a darling little girl that I can sew for.  After all what are Aunties for?  As we are attending an 18th century picnic next Saturday and little Violet will need a dress to wear.  She is, of course, growing every minute therefore I made a chemise based on Sharon Anne Burnston's website instructions.

I made a sloper (mock-up of muslin) first.

I used an ivory damask cotton I had lying around.  Here are the results:
She was so happy with her chemise her feet wouldn't stop moving!  :)
Sewing for so small a person is amazing.  My machine took a temporary bunk and I had to hand stitch the ruffles on the sleeves which took all but 10 minutes for both.  The ruffle edges were hand stitched then gathered before being attached to the sleeve edges.  Now all she needs is a sash and her other Auntie is going to make her a cap.  I will definitely take pictures at the picnic to see her all dressed!

Next up:

Victorian corset on hold
Embroider sampler moved up to priority.

1 comment:

Kleidung um 1800 said...

What a beautiful infant's chemise! And "yay" for hand sewing!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful picnic and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures galore :)