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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Le Modiste: Finishing up a Pierrot

I started a Pierrot a while back and have a chance to finish it for a picnic this coming weekend.  I have always wanted to make something similar to this little darling in the Kyoto Museum collection:

I purchased a tie silk from Discount Fabrics on Ashby ages ago and decided it would work well for this.  Unfortunately the triple stripe pattern only goes one way so I had to do some fancy work with the cutting.  Here it is in progress:

I used the JP Ryan Robe a l'Anglaise bodice pattern.  It has become my basic sloper for any of my 18th century dresses from Polonaise to round gowns.  I think the tails are a bit long but we shall see how it looks with skirt, et al.  Progress is being made - up dates to come! 

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