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Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting the Mitts - Phew! Got it started.

Well, after literally 20 tries to get this project going, I got this far:
Really, it did take 20 tries to load the first stitches and figure out 1). Getting the right number of stitches on each needle. There are 4.  2). Get the first few rows done and connect the two ends to make a round. (I had to watch 3 tutorials online to figure that one out). And 3). Figuring out the 'false' seam. 

Anyway,  I would get so far and suddenly figure out I did something wrong and have to unravel the knitting and start again.  :(   Never quite got to the point where I had to use 'wall therapy' and toss the entire thing at the wall but I came darn near close.  I am not a great or practiced knitter and so this whole project was meant to be a 'challenge' but also to make something I would like and could use. I am done with the wrap-around scarves and the ski hats.

Working with 5 needles is like working with an 10 pointed (2 points for each needle) octopus.  Three are left on their own to get hung up on each other as you work with two.  Closing the gap between the sections is important - I am doing pretty good with that.  I dropped a couple of stitches at some point but luckily these were on the row I was working on so I could use the crochet hook to fix it.  No trauma or drama there. Phew!

Once you get several inches along and get into the rhythm it actually is kind of fun to see the shape form.  With that said, I am on row 39 and I have to get to row 75 to start decreasing and getting the shape ready to do the part that actually goes around your hand and thumb.  Oh, boy!  Here is another look:
As you can see the 'false seam' isn't perfect - in fact I have no idea if that is the way it is suppose to look.  No, don't tell me...leave me in ignorant bliss of having gotten this far.  :)  I am not going to unravel it again.

I am not expecting perfect - it is my first try at this kind of detailed knitting, so far so good.  Probably should have started out with something a bit chunkier in yarn weight to make it easier but oh, no, I wanted the baby weight... a much more refined look and feel. 

So, that is it for now.  I am embarking on my evening gown for the ADSC Preservation Ball coming up in two weeks.  I had planned on deep blue silk crepe (@$28.00/yd) but I waited too long to go back to the store and poof!  Gone!  So, now I picked up a cerise red crepe silk (@$40.00/yd OUCH!) and will trim in blue (?).  I am going to use that 1946 pattern I talked about a few entries ago that is actually a day dress but I am going to lengthen it for the ball.  I like my gowns simple and elegant.

Have a great day.  I will keep you posted.

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Angela said...

Okay, I had to take it out for a 21st time. The false seam was just weird, so out it came. No false seam. Starting again...sigh.