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Monday, April 5, 2010

18th century knitted mitts project - phase 1

Okay, I am all fired up!  With the help of a good friend, Shelley - (a sister in all but blood) - I have gotten my project to knit a pair of 18th century mitts started.  No deadlines.  Just an on-going project to keep my hands busy when at stitching gatherings, etc.  The mitts are for a middle class woman of the time, so the yarn isn't supposed to be a fine or lace thread.  I chose not to use the sport weight recommended by the pattern, but something a little finer. As I will not be using the pattern's recommended yarn, I made a gauge sample to start with.  The yarn is a pretty hand-died silk-wool so they will appear vintage - not a solid flat modern color.  There were so many pretty colors to choose from but I didn't want to go with a safe "white".  The peach I picked is pretty earthy and neutral.  Here are some pics:

The pattern is from Mara Riley - see link in previous blog.  The trick will be learning to knit with 4 double-end needles.  Yikes!!  I only have ever knitted scarves and hats with regular needles or circular needles.  So, this will be a challenge in many ways but I am up for it.  Will keep you posted.  Cheers.


Rowenna said...

Definitely keep us posted--I haven't knitted anything this complex before but would like to try. And that yarn looks divine!

Angela said...

Thanks. So far I have started it - then couldn't figure out how to link up the round. I looked up a tutorial for knitting with double end needles. and figured it out there. So, I am going to start again. So, will keep you and all posted.