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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break!

Since the Vernal Equinox the weather has been spring like and just fabulous!  Trees, flowers, et al are blooming in the tepid sun but sun all the same.  Rain looms on the horizon so enjoy these glorious days! 

I haven't been posting for a while because work has been trying and taxing and exhausting and, and, and...enough said.  I just come home and watch a video I have seen a thousand times - well maybe not a thousand, but close, really close.   My old favorites which have become a comforting and well known set of sounds and images that let's me tune-out and detox.

But, with Spring break I am free for a few days to indulge myself with a bit of art, planning future costumes and to try out some recipes as well as have fun with friends.

Plans?  Oh yes, many plans! Here they are! (As ambitious as they sound I am not planning to do them all during spring break but they are plans for the near and distant future):

Knit a pair of 18th century mitts - yep, I am going to give it a go with help from a friend who is an expert at knitting.  Pattern?  I purchased the pattern from Mara Riley's e-patterns and hope to use those as a 'keep my hands busy' when I go to Stitch n Bitches, or other female gatherings for food, delicious gossip and fun!

I have an Art Deco Ball to attend in May, so an evening gown is in the works.  I want to make this one into a evening dress just lengthening the skirt and jazz it up with some beading.  Probably in black or midnight blue?

Another gown I want to make is an 1840's day dress with matching evening bodice for Dicken's Faire next Christmas season.  This one is on the back burner but a kernel of an idea.

For my 18th century wardrobe, I want to produce the following -(remember this is a wish list) -
A Pierrot bodice jacket and muslin skirt.
A more 'evening' style Robe Anglaise.
A redingote or riding habit.
And a few accessories like a muff, chatelaines, linen caps, Lunardi hat (spelling?) and a cape or capelet.

I am going to be a busy little bee!

In the meantime, I have taken up the challenge presented by Maria at Fushia's 18th Century dress to put alittle 18th century into our daily fashion:  quote - "I challenge you all to post a picture of your daily selves in your blogs, explaining how you try to bring a little of the 18th century into your 21st century fashion."  I am going to take up the gauntlet as much as I can and put a little wider scope on it for myself - bring a little 18th century into my 21st century life style.  Are you up for it?  I will post when I get the ball rolling.  Please comment and try it yourself and don't forget to share! 

Happy Spring!

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