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Monday, March 1, 2010

Tea with the Duchess of Devonshire

Spring is on the way and with a little break from all the rain, the Greater Bay Area Costume Guild had a very successful tea at one of the oldest houses in Alameda.  For once, I had something to wear and didn't have to sew right up to the last minute!  How refreshing is that?

As the space at the venue was small and there were 25 of us, if not more, we were given the directive of no panniers, trains or other oversized skirts.  Many of us went for polonaise or robe l'Anglaise.  There were a couple of redingotes, too!
Our Hostess - Georgina

The weather was tepid but we did get outside to enjoy the sun in the shade and the last of the winter flowers.  Spring is neigh!

I think I am going to work on another wig for myself.  The one I have (see below) I built on a Sweet Heart Wig - model Delihla.  I took a class to develop an 18th century wig at last year's Costume College in Los Angeles.  What I really would like to have is similar to the ones Kiera Knightly wore towards the end of the Duchess.
My wig.
It works well, I think but it is beginning to show signs of wear.  Not sure how to re-work it without stripping all the curls, etc.  It is a synthetic wig so it shouldn't loose its curl. the meantime I really want something like:

Keira Knightly in The Duchess - a Paramount Production

Not sure if I will be able to find something like that for my frame and face.  But as soon as I figure it out I will share.
Next on my 18th century list of garments to put together are:  Mitts or fingerless gloves, a ladies lawn or lace cap, and possibly a cloak of some kind.  Eventually, I would like to add a Redingote, Pierrot and skirt to my wardrobe as well.  I have a corset that works but a wonderful friend is going to build me a new one using the new JP Ryan pattern with shoulder straps.  

At this time I am off to other projects which I will share soon but for now, I am taking a break from historical clothing and want to play around with historical food recipes for up and coming events.  Busy little bee I be! 

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