Musings of a Lady

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Done! A pretty good success, too!

The dress got done and it fit! Hurrah!  I have had a lot of fitting issues in the past year, but I think I have the swing of things now.  In any case, the dress worked out well and I am pleased with it.  Here is a shot from the event:

by Michelle Diane Smith

Here is one of those self portrait shots of the whole dress at home:

Yes, I know terrible shot but I forgot to get a good picture at the event.  Sigh.

I ended up with different buttons than the ones I was working with but over all the whole outfit came off great.  Now if I can only find seamed hose in tights or pantyhose rather than stockings....


Anonymous said...

Fabulous--you and the dress, of course!

Angela said...

Thanks! This particular Decade of Style pattern worked out with little adjustments. Thanks for visiting.