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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Traveling Costume

I am trying to build an late 18th century wardrobe and I am having a lot of fun with it.  Although I have a couple of garments in the closet I, of course, need a few more.  For the Pelican Inn luncheon I decided to make a traveling ensemble - keeping it very simple since traveling is such a 'dirty' experience.  I decided on dark colors for a more winter look.  Dark blue and black is what I came up with (trying to use fabric in the stash and not buy more...mmmm as a fabriholic that is hard to do).  I had a deep blue crushed velvet - yes, not a period fabric but its sooooo pretty.  And I had pre-quilted black fabric for a skirt.  I used the JP Ryan robe anglaise pattern and altered the bodice waist seam, and lengthened the sleeves.

Fitting the mock-up
 I started not to do a mock-up since I had used the pattern before but glad I did since it is a bit long-waisted for me.  Fitting yourself is always a challenge but it works out okay.
Putting the bodice together.
The final product actually came out better than I expected.  I felt really comfortable in it - yes, period clothes can be, really.  

I wanted to decorate a felt, low crown picture hat but ran out of time, so one of my Milan straw hats worked out okay.  Here are the results:

At the Inn

A stroll along the beach in the wonderful sun - something we have not seen in a gracious while.

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