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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Welcome to my new blog.  I am thrilled to have made the decision to share my love of sewing, cooking and domesticity!  Other than my love of the subject matter, I have been dabbling in living history for over 20 years and decided that there is a community of like-minded folk with whom I can share what I am currently working on.

Currently, I belong to two active organizations or groups. The first is The Art Deco Society of California.  I am currently on the board of governors but I have participated in their many events such as the annual Gatsby Summer Picnic.  In anycase, its all about the clothes!  I love 1930's and late 40's styling.   So, there will be projects to share in the near future. Like this one posted on my other blog:

I also belong to La Société des Lumières.  It is a group of fabulous people who love all things French and 18th century - right up my alley as my family roots are in the gen coleur of Louisianna and Georgia, and I am a Franco-phile in many ways.  The group gathers in period dress at member sponsored events.  For example, we are gathering, in February, at an 18th century coaching inn called the Pelican Inn.  There we will assemble for luncheon and a walk on the sea shore.  Yes, a traveling ensemble is in the works - more to come.  There are other organizations that I belong to but these two are where I am most active right now.
A part of my new year's resolutions is to embark on a regular attempt to try period recipes for modern use, play around with historical craft projects and share as many tips and hints with you all.  So, please visit often!

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