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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Madame has returned! A journey well traveled!

It is already October.  How did that happen?  Time flies when you are busy and having fun?  In my case this is so true.  Dear readers, I have actually completed one of my bucket list items!  Yes, I did. I have wanted to go to the Jane Austin Festival in Bath, England for several years now and I have done it!  With a group of like minded friends, we sewed our hearts out and made it to the festival and had one of the best times, ever!  The taste to travel is now burning very brightly, for me.  And, I can honestly say that Regency is my top favorite period to sew for, dress up in and play.

Our group wore Regency clothing 24/7 during the whole week there.  We hosted evening soirees at our home, We took day trips to Lyme Regis and to Chawton, in the name of Jane Austen. We were able to visit her home in Chawton- feel her presence, and, see the spot where silly Louisa jumped to high and addled her brain in Persuasion on the Cobb in Lyme! Needless to say, I am thrilled with my experiences and hope you will forgive me for not writing and sharing as I went along.  Here are some images highlighting the trip:

My traveling companions in front our abode: 20 Vineyard, Bath.

The first event was a promenade through the streets of Bath to the Parade Grounds.  
The JAF 2014, broke the Guinness Book of Records for the most people in one place, dressed in Regency fashion at one time.  Tennessee, had 491 in July of 2014.  JAF had 550!  I am afraid, we helped the British win this one.  Oops.

Standing near Jane Austen's writing table.  So thrilling!

Our trip had some quiet moments where we could melt into the background and feel transported.

Sitting a window seat with my dear friend, at Chawton.  Perhaps,
Jane and her sister, Cassandra sat here in a quiet moment?

Lyme Regis was a fun trip to the sea with our gentlemen dressed in Navy style clothing.  The sea was relatively calm that day but the town and its coastline were picturesque.

My yellow pelisse and Minerva Hat.  Note to self: more curls in front?

The Roman baths in Bath are a destination for any Jane Austen journey.  We had tea in the pump rooms one day and went to a masked ball on another evening!
Yes, I tasted the waters!  They have cleaned it up a bit - so a description?
Have you ever, had a sip of water from a garden hose that has sat in the sun all day?
That is what it tasted and smelled like.
Roman baths - one of them.  There are several.
Waiting to enter the Baths for the pre-ball gathering.
One of sisters - together in the Roman baths corridors sipping Champagne.

This second image is not mine but belongs to Owen Benson Visuals.

Image by Patrick Gaul.

Another image by Owen Benson.
My trip including meeting the most wonderful people.  I got to meet Noora of the blog:  Shadow of My Hand.  That was a unexpected treat. Not only is she talented but believably kind and a lot of fun to be with!  

There are so many more pictures and anecdotes that I just don't know where to continue!  This is just an effort to share some highlights with you and also to reboot my blogging which I have shamelessly neglected.  Did I have a good reason?  Excuses?  Oh, yes, but no more.  I am back, dear readers and I hope to be sharing a lot more.  What more?

Yes, now that I have the Regency bug, I have worn the wardrobe I created for the trip, I want to revisit the garments, make some adjustments and work on accessories.  I was seriously lacking in accessories.  Yes, I had some things to make it all work for the trip but I have some gaps I want to fill.  And, there are a few more garments I want to make - by hand, as I don't have a deadline anymore.

Thank you for your patience.  I am back and hoping to blog more often.  Cheers.


Juliana said...

It was a wonderful trip and, this sister is so glad that we got to spend it together!

Staffordcastle said...

By the time we got there, the Pump Room and Roman Baths were full of scaffolding - they must have put it up as soon as the Festival was over. :-(

Lady D said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. would have loved to have done more of the trips but they were all sold out when I went to book them.

Beverly said...

❤️ So glad you shared this Angela, I only hope you spit the Roman Bath water after you tasted ~ like you are supposed to do in wine tasting❣¸.•*🍷
❤️Cheers to more adventures and check marks on your bucket list❣¸.•*✔️
Please keep your photos & memories coming💕

eva´s kleidertruhe said...

How wonderful! Looks like you had a very good time! Isn´t the Chawton House Museum magical - and Lyme Regis - and Bath, of course!!! *sigh* Next year the Jane Austen Festival is again on my journey list - maybe we meet there!? :-)

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Dear Angela,
thank you for this amazing post and that you kindly treat us with some armchair travel!
All your thorough thoughts that went into your wardrobe, all your hopes & dreams about this journey seem not only met, but truly excelled. I'm so happy to see how much you enjoyed Bath and England and the company of such a wonderful group!
And I'm even more happy, that the Regency bug caught you (completely!)

Angela said...

Thank you, ladies! Juliana it was a pleasure traveling with you and Patrick. I love you both. Lady D, we made our own 'day tripping' happen and didn't go through the festival. It was easier and our group was large so, it made sense that way. Eva, yes - hope to meet you one day as well. Beverley, I know, right? I never, ever thought I would have such a dream come true and it did, there is hope! Sabine, you are a great inspiration and support. Thank you.

Eleonora Amalia said...

Everything looks splendid, I wish I could meet you there next year! Well, hopefully I'll make it!

Iron Chef Kosher! said...

Did you mean for your pelisse to look like a reverse of this one?