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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Le Modiste: Italian 1790's jacket and gilet

Sharing!  This lovely jacket and gilet I found in one of last year's Marie Claire Idees magazine.  The magazine is a French publication all about arts and crafts.  However, they often have a travel article in some of their issues and this one I believe was to Italy.  I could be totally wrong as it was a while ago and I have since cut up the magazine for my scrape files.  I rediscovered the image while de-cluttering my house and files.  Now, with all that said, I hope to one day build this or something similar.  In fact there is a similar garment in the Kyoto collection.
Kyoto Collection Inv. AC4350 82-21-13AC for the blue jacket and Gilet on the left.
I have always loved this Kyoto item.  I have seen the gilet underneath which is actually a separate garment - like a vest.  I can't remember where I saw the two pieces separated as it was ages ago when I was surfing the net and didn't think about logging where I saw it for future reference.  Sorry.

When I create historical clothing, I am one of those gals that likes a feminine tailored look.  The jacket with gilet fits this preference.  I call it 18th century coordinates or sportswear.  :)  The image from the magazine article is very lovely with its green stripes and the cuffs with buttons, I think is rather elegant.  The embroidery in the gilet is nice - though not very clear.  I believe the original shot of this garment was at a distance as the garment was in a case and I have taken a picture of the magazine cut out, so the quality has not really translated.

Perhaps once I get the Pierrot done that I started ages ago (here is the post I did on it:;postID=2458202876907329965), I can think about figuring out a pattern for a jacket and gilet.

If any of you have seen the jacket and gilet at the top of the post, please pass on where you have seen it, as I would love to get a closer, detailed image of it.  Merci!

Addendum:  A friend found the website where the top garment is found:  It is not in an Italian museum but a museum in Lyon!  Check it out.


Angela said...

I have really good friends. A friend found this for me!
The item is in a museum in Lyon, not Italy. I am so excited. Cheers.

Madame Berg said...


the Lyon jacket was photpgraphed by a lady name Heileen when she visited the museum last year or so! I don't have the direct link but there are pictures on her Livejournal (you may have to scroll down several pages):

She believed the jacket may have been made over in the Victorian era and it looks a bit like that. Still - what a beauty!

Angela said...

Thanks for the info on the photographer. I did wonder if it was a 'real' 18th century piece. The cuffs keep me on the 'yes, it is 1790's' mindset. Yet the collar area of the gilet is leaning towards a late Victorian - 1880's-90's revival. However, I am still very in love with it. Cheers

Madame Berg said...

My guess is that it is a real 18th c piece, but refitted to a Victorian torso at some point. Those darts (or whatever they're called!) in the front looks so untypical for late 18th c, but makes sense if you wanted it to fit over a late Victorian corset!

Marion Brégier said...

Havign seen the jacke tup close while Heileen sneakily took the pictures, I confirm that it probably is an original 1790s piece (probably menswear) altered during the late 19th century. HEre's the link : It's a GORGEOUS piece !

Angela said...

Oh ladies, thanks so much for you inut! I love this community of like minded folk! Cheers.