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Friday, May 25, 2012

Le Modiste: Finished 18th century pocket

I am really proud of myself that I finally finished a UFO!  This pocket was started I think...last year?  In any case, it is done.  I just need to add the belt so I can tie it to my waist.  I used scrap fabric from a short gown (how period) that  I made a couple of years ago to bind the edges.  Here are the final stages and the finished product:
In the process of binding the edges.  I basted the front to the back first then hand stitched the binding on.

Close up of binding being hand stitched.

Close up of the final embroidery.

Finished pocket without belt. 
The entire pocket was done by hand.  The embroidery and the assembly.  Phew!  You know, I really like sewing by hand and doing embroidery.  Machine of course is faster and precise but there is great deal of satisfaction when sewing by hand.  Well, at least for me.  I know it is not everyone's source of enjoyment.

Next up?  My summer plans will need to be flexible as I may be involved in taking care of my Mom who might have knee replacement surgery at 84 years of age. However, the following are my sewing 'hopefuls' this summer:

UFO's:  The idea is to get these done so I can go to something new.
Finish 1947 day dress (Started it summer of 2011)
Remake a Victorian corset ( the other pretty fell a part).
Finish my Pierrot.  (Started it summer of 2011)
Go through my 1880's bustle dresses (day/evening) and see if they need altering.  If yes - alter or move on to someone else.

Regular sewing:
A couple of Summer dresses a la new look
Recover a wing back chair (not costuming but I need to do it)
Recover the seat of a piano stool
Make cushions for a patio bench - I want to get out doors more - my little garden
Historical Dress Wish List:
Regency corset  - deadline up in the air
Regency Pelisse - deadline up in the air.
1850's Riding habit or a la militaire ensemble.  Deadline - December 2012
1890's Day Suit  - December 30 2012

Whoa! Big list and very little time.   Once I get my sewing space cleared of clutter and summer vacation begins - in one week! - I will start posting on my progress. 


Lauren said...

This is wonderful! I just started a pocket using the same pattern, and it's so cool to see how different ours are. 'Course...yours is now done and mine isn't even close!

Cassidy said...

Wow, it's gorgeous!

Rowenna said...

Just gorgeous! I love the design you've used, and the colors!

Angela said...

Thank you Ladies. When I was finishing it, I was reminded about how much I do like to embroider. Its like painting with thread. Cheers.

Julia Brown said...

This pocket is so fabulous! I love the colours you picked.

Angela said...

Thank you Julia!

Lucia said...

Wonderful! You can be really proud of it ! (: