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Friday, April 6, 2012

Le Modiste: Titanic Dinner Dress - Nearly done!

The dress came together rather well.  It isn't completely done yet but I am getting there.  I have one week to finish it!

Of course the results never match my initial 'sketches' or plans.  I tend to work with an over all look in mind and flesh it out as I draft or manipulate patterns, go shopping in my stashes and pick up other materials.  Also, as I was putting this together I was watching my DVD's of Downton Abbey 2.  Lavina's dinner dresses fast became my inspiration for the final structure and details.

The overdress has an uneven hem that dips to a point on the sides and rises to below knee length front and back.

The bodice front has a shirred center front at the bust.  One of Lavina's dresses had this detail.

Simple square back.  I am thinking of putting putting some sort of decoration where the straps meet the neckline front and back.  Not sure yet about that.  What do you think?

The sketch evolved as I said.   (See previous post). The ribbon work samples at the bottom are my inspiration for the belt. These images are from one of the Dover books on Ribbon Work.  (See below).

A close up of the belt ideas.  I want to do a belt like the one in the upper right but the bow will be like the one to the left set vertically.  What do you think?

I played with my hair last week while I was on vacation.  I think even with my chin length hair I will be able to put together a look where the front is waved and curled at the ears and then I can arrange a false braid/bun in the back.  Now the question is, tiara or go with a more 1919 bandeau?  Given I only have a week left and I am not done with the dress, it may be 'tiara'.  Love my tiaras!  :)

Shoes!  I didn't have time or the extra cash to order the beautiful shoes that American Duchess has produced - Astoria -  However,  I just looked at the website and they won't be ready till May anyway.  Sigh.  They would have been perfect!  So, I will be in search of shoes this week.  In the end, I may buy a pair of Capezio dance shoes - you know the good ol' Mary Jane shoes often do the trick.  Or find a pair of pumps.

Lots to do, so I better get going!  Keep checking in for the final installments on this project.  I hope to provide pictures of the gown in situ - at the event.

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Rowenna said...

Looks lovely! I know what you mean about dance shoes--sometimes an all-purpose black Mary Jane covers all manner of time periods--not perfectly, but well enough :)