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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Le Modiste: Titanic Dinner Dress done! A success!

The dress was completely done a week ago, yet, I had to finish the detailing and made some minor changes to the neckline and sleeves.  With that said, I was hand sewing up till about noon on the day of the event!  I didn't feel rushed but I really wish I would get these planned event gowns or ensembles done ahead of time so I can relax.  Ha. Ha, Ha!

Detail:  Bodice neck outlined in velvet picot ribbon.  Sequin/beaded applique center front.  Embossed Velvet butterfly where strap meets the bodice.

Tassel and button tab on over-skirt hem at the sides where it dips towards the ankle.

Close-up of butterfly applique with added seed beads.

Belt Front detail.  This is totally different from the original idea but worked well.

Belt Back detail. 

 The over all look was just as I had envisioned it with some minor changes for the better.  My hair also came out like I wanted it to.  I have chin length hair so getting the  1919 look was going to take some hair manipulation and hair pieces.  So, this is the result:
I waved the front from a side part.  The ends were tightly curled then fluffed out at the ears.

The bun was a wrap of a false braid and pinned to a fair-thee-well to my head.  The headband came from Target 2 years ago!

The event itself was beautiful!  It was held at the Bellevue Club in Oakland.  The rooms are very Edwardian Rococo.  The meal was a version of the actual last dinner on the Titanic, in the 1st class dining room.

Here are some images from the event - Enjoy!


Rowenna said...

Lovely! And I have the same Target headband :)

Angela said...

Thank you Rowenna. Every once in a while Target has something totally usable for early 20th century events.