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Monday, February 14, 2011

On the cutting table: New 18th Century Corset

Hello!  I have a corset that I can wear but it is now to large in the chest to the point that the center back overlaps when laced.  Lordy!  So, I am going to use the JP Ryan lightly boned corset pattern that picked up at Costume College in 2009.

I will follow the pattern pretty much but will want to bone it a bit more.  The images you see are the coutil layer.  I have a pretty resist printed drapery weight linen for the fashion fabric but I am having reservations with it - the stretch factor worries me.  So, I may get a tighter weave silk or other fabric.  I will interline it as well.  Wish me luck, I haven't made a corset in a long time.


staffordcastle said...

Let me know how you like the pattern; I was thinking about getting it.

Angela said...

CS is the best person to ask - she made it under JPRyan's eye. CS said to do three layers all front and side pieces but not necessary at center back. I believe she said for reinforcement and it fits her beautifully. I am not sure my figure type needs that much reinforcement. The pattern instructions seem a bit complicated so that is why I may be following the pictures and follow my own past experience in putting it together.

Lydia G said...

God how I love stays.. I haven't seen this pattern being used very often but it looks quite comfy for sure! Can't wait to see the finished corset!