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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Le Modiste: A modern turn of events

Hello, I am back, again.  This last weekend I attended a Guinness Book of Records rally to get the most Rosie the Riveter Look-Alikes in one place at one time.  In the US there is a standing record of 776 Rosie's.  Well, yesterday I am very proud to announce that in Richmond, California we had a record of 1083 Rosies!  It was an amazing rally and it was literally 10 min walking distance from my home! A bunch of gals (all dear new and old friends - one was here from Italy!) and a couple of gents dressed as workers, came over to my place and we walked over to the rally, in our Rosie outfits.

The famous, 'We can do it',  poster was the frame work that we had to work within for our outfits. Although historically all Rosie's wore different things depending on where they worked.  Many wore pants and a shirt that they had in their wardrobes.  But the requirement for this count was dark blue top and bottom, the famous polk-a-dot red/white scarf, and the red socks and work boots.

I didn't have period coveralls and though I could have bought a modern version, I decided I could get more use out of a pair of pants and a shirt.  I repurchased the Rosie the Riveter, Folkwear Pattern.  I had this long time ago when I had a 21 inch waist...hahahahah!  Moving forward, I needed a new pattern to work with. 

I made the trousers (without the bib) and the shirt but, made the shirt with long sleeves I could roll up.  The outfit came out pretty nice.  The polk-a-dot scarf and the red sox came from the Home Front Museum   An this is how it turned out:

It was a lot of fun.  The day was hot as Hades!  After the count, we all went back to my place for cool drinks and lots of girlie chatting!  What a blast we had.  Cheers to all my girl friends, I am blessed with their friendship!

Next up:

  • Regency Outing at Muir Beach and the Pelican Inn (what shall I wear? Something new?  Or pull out my beauties from my Bath trip?)
  • Gatsby Summer Picnic - really need something new.  20's or 30's?
  • Finish my 18th century riding habit started, what 2 years ago?  Yikes! 

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That looks like so much fun!