Musings of a Lady

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas everyone!


Happy Holidays to all my readers who have patiently waited during long lag times between postings, who have shared my posts with friends and have honored me with supportive comments all year long.

I am still working on my Regency wardrobe but put it aside to make a day time bodice for an 1885 ensemble I made a while back.  I am attending the Christmas Tea at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco on Dec 28th.  In addition, I am also gearing up for a February workshop where I will be draping and sewing by hand an 18th century riding habit.  Therefore, Regency will have to go to the back burner but not neglected.  

I hope to continue to have your faithful readership in 2014 and beyond.  Please have a safe and joyful holiday, however you celebrate this season of love, hope and joy.  Cheers.


Sassy Countess said...

Make sure you take pictures of your Christmas tea to share!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, from me and mine!

Angela said...

Thank you Sassy Countess! May the holiday season and the new year be a prosperous one for you. And yes, pics will be forth coming.