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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays and best wishes in the New Year!

Best wishes to all this Holiday Season!!  I feel extremely blessed to have connected with you all over the last couple of years.  I hope that we will all continue to keep in touch through our various blogs in the new year.  I am planning to post more often even if it just to check in and say hello.  In fact my historical clothing goals are:

1.  Titanic Ball Gown (March event)
2.  Art Deco evening dress (Lt. April/Early May event)
3.  An 30's outfit for a talk I am giving at the GBACG Academy in March
4.  Victorian Jacket, Skirt and vest (Dicken's faire 2012)
5.  Finish the Pierrot I started this summer
6.  Remake the Victorian corset I made that shatter in one wearing! (Don't ever forget to interline your corset especially if you are using silk - bones and silk don't like each other!)
7. A Gatsby Picnic dress (Sept event)
8.  Regency evening dress and a Redingote.

Phew!  What a list.  Will it get done?  We shall see.  I have basic wardrobes for Art Deco, Victorian, Regency and 18th Century so all the above are icing on the cake for me....yummy!

Again, my dear readers.  Thank you for your visits and comments.  Please accept my deepest wish that you and your families have a wonderful holiday -  no matter how you celebrate this time of the year.    Cheers!


Rowenna said...

Merriest of holidays! I eagerly await seeing items roll off your to-be-sewn list into reality--so pretty!

Angela said...

Thanks Rowenna! Best wishes in your endeavors this year as well. Will check in on your site! Best!