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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Corded petticoat under way...

So, in a lapse of sanity - given that I have a Victorian dress to make before Dec 3rd, I decided to make a corded petticoat.  I think that is the correct term.  Anyway, it is a good thing I called a good friend who made one with additional starched petticoats.  I was about to create linear rows of channels to thread cord through...thank you Catherine - she saved me.  What she recommended is to spiral the cording.  If you don't do this, the petticoat will collapse at the seam where all the cord ends would meet!  Yikes. No, no, no!  No collapsing.

I did one non-period thing to my petticoat.  I started with a horsehair row at the hem.  I sewed 1/2 inch modern plastic horsehair braid and serpentine stitched it between the layers.  Here is the start of my 'wee' project:

Not the best photo but you can see the serpentine stitched first row at top.
I tried to sew the spiraling rows without pinning but it created problems with the bobbin side layer bunching and creating undulating poofs.  As I am sewing on the underside of the petticoat that made the outer layer look really horrible - the part everyone will see! (Well actually no, they won't but I will see it.)   So, after a few rip-outs and a few choice and select words I have now consistently pinned each spiral before I sew it.  This slowed down the process but the petticoat is looking much better on the outside.

The corded hem will be about 9 inches deep.  I will still need to wear a starched or netted petticoat over this to get the 38-40's bell shape without the dreaded hoop wire.

Will keep you posted as I move along. This weekend I plan to get the muslin done for the dress bodice so I can start moving on that.  Where is that 24 hour plus clock!

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Rita_pita said...

Do we get to see pictures of the completed dress? Hope you had a great time!