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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Traveling on the Queen Mary a la 1930's

Dear readers, I have been very neglectful in keeping up my posts.  As an assistant principal at a high school I have been working around the clock to get the school year up and running.  In between that time I was preparing for two end-of-summer events.  Ergo, no time to post.  So, here I am begging your pardon and try to catch you up on all my doings.

Over the Labor Day Weekend, I attended the 6th annual Queen Mary Festival put on by the Los Angeles Art Deco Society.  The event is a 3 day whorl wind of lectures, dancing, parties, food, you name it.  The majority of the participants come with suitcases (some vintage ones) of vintage or reproduction clothing of the 1920's through the late 40's.  You stay on the ship as well.  My travel partner and I stayed in one of the cabins that still looks like it did in 1933 when the ship first sailed - right down to the plumbing.  :)

So, I actually was able to pull several dresses and outfits from my 'vintage' wardrobe.  But!  I had a real urge to make at least one new dress.  I did it, too, in a week.  I really wanted something new to wear to the Friday night reception - I came up with a late 40's early 50's looking cocktail dress in a silver-blue grey dupioni. 
This is the dress after I finished it.
This is a detail of the right shoulder.  I actually used a Butterick Retro Pattern that was  a 1960's dress but only used it for the asymetrical neckline.
On the deck of the QM for the reception at the Veranda Bar.  That is Long Beach, CA in the background where her gracious majesty is permanently docked.
Just a head shot with hair style and all.

On Sunday I wore the 1946 New England dress from a past posting.  Here it is within the context of the QM  Royal Lounge:
In any case, it was a fun event and will think about going back next year for the 7th annual festival.  Now, I have a year to plan a completely late 30's wardrobe.  Lordy!

If you google the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles I am sure you will get more info and pictures to look at from the event.  I believe the organization is also on FaceBook.

So that was event number one.  Stay tuned for event #2.  Gatsby Summer Picnic.


Rowenna said...

How Gorgeous are you! The second shot--the headshot--looks like something out of a movie. Oh my goodness--that silvery blue dress is stunning, and I'm so impressed with the neckline design.

Anonymous said...

As always, beautiful and fabulous! It was a wonderful weekend, and I already miss you!

Angela said...

Thanks Ladies. It was a fabulous event and definitely something worth making something beautiful for it. Cheers.